21 September 2016

Bomb Attacks in New York Metropolitan Area: Allahu Akbar

Stephen Kershnar
New York City Bomb Attack: Allahu Akbar
Dunkirk-Fredonia Observer
September 20, 2016

            The debate over Muslim immigration and terrorism highlights the yawning gap between the American people and the political elite.

This past weekend, it appears that a Muslim immigrant, citing Islam, set off bombs in the New York metropolitan area. On the morning of September 17, one of the pipe bomb exploded along the route of a Marine Corps charity run in Seaside Park, New Jersey. Later that day, a homemade pressure cooker bomb went off in Chelsea, Manhattan, injuring twenty-nine people. Shortly thereafter, another pressure cooker bomb was found four blocks away. More bombs were later discovered in a New Jersey train station.

The suspect, Ahmad Khan Rahami, was captured, but only after he shot a police officer. He is an Afghan immigrant who allegedly picked up radical Muslim views when travelling to Afghanistan and Pakistan. NPR reports that there is some evidence that he was inspired by the Muslim immigrants who bombed the Boston marathon (Tsarnaev brothers).

On a side note, the pictures of the Tsarnaev-bombing amputees give you a nice feel for what these attackers wanted.

            On the same day as the above attack, another Muslim immigrant, Dahir A. Adan, stabbed eight people at a shopping mall in St. Cloud, Minnesota. Adan was a Somali immigrant who shouted “Allahu Akbar” during the attack and asked one person if he was Muslim. An off-duty police officer shot him dead.

These attacks follow the attack by the son of a Muslim immigrant, Omar Mateen, who slaughtered 49 people and wounded 53 people at a gay nightclub (Pulse) in Orlando, Florida while predictably shouting “Allahu Akbar.” In the middle of the slaughter he called 9-11 three times to explain how he was acting on behalf of ISIS and was also inspired by the Muslim immigrants who bombed the Boston marathon (Tsarnaev brothers). Reading about this slaughter had a similar feel to the Muslim slaughters in Boston, Brussels, Chattanooga, Fort Hood, Paris (Charlie Hebdo and later more bloody attack), San Bernadino, and so on.

These attacks are, of course, different from Muslims immigrants and their children’s misogyny. In a 20016 New Year’s celebration of the New Year roughly 1,900 women in Germany were sexually attacked by mostly Muslim immigrants in seven cities, most famously Cologne. This misogyny was less horrific than that Muslim Brits in Rotherham who from 1997-2013 abducted, raped, and trafficked roughly 1,400 white (non-Muslim) teenage girls.
Caroline May writing for Breitbart last year reports that more than two million lawful permanent residents, asylees, and refugees from majority Muslim nations have been come to the U.S. since radical Islamic terrorist attack on 9-11. Center for Immigration Studies’ Steve Camarota points out that under President Hillary Clinton, there will be another massive wave of Muslim immigration. He notes that Clinton could add roughly 860,000 Muslim immigrants, assuming current Obama administration immigration patterns continue and her announced refugee plan is implemented and repeated.

So far the Muslim refugees have been an economic drain. Senator Jeff Session (R-AL) reports that more than 90% of recent Middle Eastern (read Muslim) refugees are on food stamps and almost 70% on cash welfare.

May notes that if the current rate of immigration continues, the U.S. is on schedule to add the population of Los Angeles every three years — on top of the all-time high 42 million foreign-born residents already here. Camarota reports the U.S. currently has 61 million immigrants and their American-born children under age 18. He observes President Clinton could add another 10 million new immigrants to the U.S. during her first term alone.

Did anyone ask the American people whether, following 9-11, they wanted two million Muslim immigrants? Do you want another million? None of the presidential candidates George W. Bush, Al Gore, John Kerry, Barack Obama, John McCain, or Mitt Romney offered to stop the torrent of Muslim immigration or even significantly reduce it. Hillary Clinton certainly won’t do so. Yet this is clearly what Americans want.  

What’s more, no reasonable person thinks the country would be better off with two million Muslim immigrants than it would have been with two million immigrants from non-Muslim countries in Europe and Asia. This is especially true if the immigrants were chosen for their talent, education, or money. Not only would the latter easily assimilate, but such immigrants would clearly benefit the American people.

There is a debate whether the Islamist supremacy, misogyny, and homophobia are central to the Islam and many virtuous Muslims ignore it or whether it is a perversion of Islam that is mistakenly adopted by a significant minority of Muslims. From the perspective of people choosing their neighbors and co-workers, this doesn’t matter. The fact is that a significant minority of Muslims have beliefs and practices that are abhorrent. The fact that the Islamic religion is at odds with any reasonable philosophical or scientific worldview is yet another reason to choose other people to be our neighbors.  

It is also time to replace the political elite in this country. American mandarins, such as the Clintons and Bushes, have made it clear that they will fight to their political death to flood the country with unskilled third world immigrants. They couldn’t care less about lowering taxes, reducing the debt, respecting the Constitution, or ending military adventures around the globe. They need fainting couches when Donald Trump or other politicians speak about immigration in blunt terms, but then avert their eyes at the cost of keeping the immigration spigot open. It’s time for them to go. 

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