19 December 2014

Molly Stock, Buffalo ESL Teacher, Treatment of Her Daughter

Molly Stock’s treatment of her daughter is also worthy of note. She repeatedly had sex in the room in which her daughter (Ava Azizoghli) was sleeping and a couple of times when she was awake. She hit her daughter a couple of time for a urination issue. She exposed her daughter to violence, volatile confrontations, and police visits in two different marriages and did so with no feeling of guilt or shame. At one point in time, she and her daughter were driving away with her ex-husband in hot pursuit because she cut short the few visits the court allowed him. This led to more police involvement.

She even temporarily cut off her daughter’s contact with her grandparents when they disapproved of her destructive behavior after they supported her for years.  

She regularly criticized her daughter’s father (Payman Azizoghli) in front of her daughter, leading her daughter to repeatedly use disparaging descriptions of him. As a result, her daughter’s father is missing most of his daughter’s childhood.

This destructive treatment of her daughter is subsidized by welfare (for example, Medicaid), her parents taking her in because her first marriage was violent and unhappy and later by high child-support payments from her first husband and a large divorce settlement from her second husband.

This is part of a long-term pattern. As a young woman she earlier lived with a professional nearly twice her age who helped fund her parasitic lifestyle. This older man gave her a house. She then refrained from paying mortgage on the house for years until it went into foreclosure. She is remarkably ungrateful to any of these people (parents, husbands, rich man) for supporting her and giving her a house. She is such a taker that she had her wealthy ex-boyfriend pay for her utilities during her first marriage.

This is the Molly Stock who is an adopted Korean woman, ESL teacher in the Buffalo school system, and former teacher at Maple Grove and who has degrees from St. Bonaventure and SUNY-Fredonia, comes from Forestville, NY, and lived in Freehold, NJ. 

15 December 2014

Molly K. Stock violent

I am writing to make you aware of a matter concerning a child 5-year-old child, Ava Azizoghli. My marriage with my soon-to-be ex-wife Molly Stock and Ava’s mother was disastrous. Molly was violent (she punched and kicked me), physically aggressive, and, in general, just a horrible person. I ended up having to call the police on her four times and file police reports another three times. 

After 15 months of marriage, I filed for divorce and had to pay her a lot of money to get her out of my house. During many of these fights and some of the police calls, Ava, was present. Being in the middle of such fights was not in her interest.

During her Molly’s first marriage in Freehold, New Jersey, there were also a number of police visits to the marital household. Eventually, Molly told me, she was arrested for domestic violence. When Molly lived in Forestville, New York, there were also several police matters concerning disturbances involving her and her ex-husband, Payman Azizoghli. 

Molly K. Stock grew up in Forestville, New York and went to school at St. Bonaventure. 

Molly (Kim) Stock - Buffalo Teacher / Grew up in Forestville

Molly K. Stock of Forestville (undergraduate degree from St. Bonaventure and Master’s in Education) is a destructive person. 

She was arrested for domestic violence in her first marriage and the police had to visit her house in Jackson Mills Road, Freehold, NJ a number of other times to investigate complaints of violence. The Monmouth County police incident reports are available, including her arrest for domestic violence.  

The police had to visit her house when she was staying with her parents in Forestville, NY again involving conflict between her and her first husband.

The police later had to visit the house of her second marriage in Fredonia, NY and handle her then husband’s reports concerning her violence, theft, and intimidation. On one incident, she repeatedly hit and kicked him and later admitted to having done so in marital therapy.  

The second husband had to call the police four times to the house and filed other incident reports. She also did enormous damage to the house (for example, pouring bleach on the carpet and gouging the hardwood floors and dining table) and stole a number of things. All of the police incident reports regarding her second marriage are available with the state police in Albany.

Also, a report has been filed with the department of social services in Chautauqua County concerning what she did as a mother. An investigation has been performed.

Molly is not financially responsible. She was on Medicaid for years and her first house is about to or was foreclosed on. The house was left in horrible condition. She caused enormous damage to the second marital residence.